Please view our blog, “Summer of 2016” for a preview glimpse.

From the 3rd of July to the 1st of September, Little Feet Little Faces will be holding our 2017 Summer Camp! You may choose one or two months to attend. Separate weeks are available as well by request and availabilities. These separate weeks will be reserved for your child by a paid non-refundable tuition payment. However, if these weeks do not become available and are not confirmed by the school, your non-refundable tuition payment will be refunded in full.

Our 2017 Summer Camp is one of a kind!

Is LFLF Summer Camp licensed? Where is the Summer Camp located? Who are the LFLF Teachers?

LFLF 2015 Summer Camp is in the heart of the City of Toronto, located in Yorkville and is part of our Preschool that is licensed by the Ministry of Education all year round. Our Camp is run by qualified ECE/OCT Registered Teachers, who all have their Police Clearances that include a Vulnerable Sector Screening Check.

Is there a flexible schedule?

Our Summer Camp runs for both the summer months of July & August. You may choose one month (July or August) or both months for enrolment. Your child may attend full time or part time hours, Monday to Friday or variable days. LFLF makes our Camp flexible in order to cater to all of your family’s needs.

When can my child attend?

From the 4th of July to the 2nd of September, Little Feet Little Faces will be holding our 2016 Summer Camp! You may choose one or two months to attend. Separate weeks are available as well by request and availabilities. These separate weeks will be reserved for your child by a paid non-refundable waitlist deposit. However, if these weeks do not become available and are not confirmed by the School, your wait list deposit will be refunded in full.

If your summer plans change and you are not able to commit once the requested weeks become available for your child, unfortunately then your deposit on the wait list is non-refundable. Once these weeks are available, your child will be scheduled and a full payment will be required immediately to secure your child’s enrolment.

Why is LFLF so special?

At LFLF when your little one comes to Camp, they will be entering a world of fun, fantasy and imagination! We inspire your child to be as creative as they want and to be open to all of the possibilities for self-expression and confidence building. All of the Staff will know your child's name and what they love about life. LFLF little ones explore our themes with the Arts (Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Art & Theatre) intertwined through Academics (Literacy, Numeracy, Science & French).We start each day by asking the children what they want to explore or what they want to create and then we make a plan!

What are the children/ Teacher ratios?

LFLF classroom ratios are a true 1 to 8. In most licensed summer camps children are in classrooms with 16 to 24 children along with two to three Teachers all day long. LFLF being a true 1 to 8 ratio means that your little one is always attended to in a small group of eight little ones with their very own personal Teacher, where the bond between classmates and Teacher is a significant one. Everyone knows each other in a very personal way, this personal care helps transition your little one in a more quiet, calm, caring way and tends to benefit every child by allowing them to have the true LFLF camp experience!

Do I need to bring food for my child?

Our onsite LFLF Preschool Chef makes certain that our snacks and lunches are always tasty and nutritious, while keeping the needs of your little one in mind. If your little one has an allergy, sensitivity or a preference, you are always welcome to provide food as long as it is store bought, sealed and labeled “Nut Free”. Our meals are prepared daily in the LFLF kitchen, complying with the Canada Food Guide Standards and our menu has been approved by the Ministry of Education.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

All washrooms at LFLF are sterilised & cleaned twice a day, and in between washroom transitions. Washrooms are co-edand shared with all of the LFLF little ones. This helps with the potty training process as our Mini Pre K’s learn the washroom routine. As a result, they learn this transition and routine from their peers and before we know it our little ones are toilet trained! LFLF enrols children who are not toilet trained; our qualified teaching staff will happily work with Parents to master this big lifetime milestone in a positive way.

Is there an extra class my child may attend?

LFLF Summer Camp also offers your little one a chance to try out the Piano!

Our Private Piano class is a one on one class and is the only extra optional cost that LFLF offers (everything else is included). Your little one will have a chance to play the Piano with their Piano Teacher and learn the fundamentals of music. If your child has never experienced the joy of exploring a Piano, this is a great way to introduce your little one to such a grand instrument while building the foundations for a love of music. If your little one is already familiar with this instrument, this is a great way to continue developing him/ her into your little musical Mozart!

What is the theme in July?

In the month of July we will be entering into the world of “Dinosaurs”.

We will learn about all different types of Dinosaurs, their lifestyles and their habitats. Taking on the role of Archaeologists and going on dig sites to see what we can find will inspire them and give them the experience of being an explorer. Dancing like Dinosaurs and using our big Dinosaur feet to stomp and run will excite and energize your child’s gross motor skills! During our Art workshops we will explore Visual Art by painting different Dinosaurs and use our art skills to create beastly projects. We will take on the roles of different Dinosaurs in Theatre class making friends with our Dinosaur puppets and roar like a Dinosaur during our Music class. The most exciting part of this month will be when we research and examine the different bones of Dinosaurs that we find, using our detective skills to find out where they came from. Our little ones’ imaginations will soar as we roar through July!

What is the theme in August?

In the month of August we will be exploring “Circus & Magic.”

Cirque Du Soleil will be in town (as well as many other Summer Circus shows) so we will be learning all about the Circus. Our little ones will be taking on the roles of Circus performers in Physical Theatre Class and choosing whether we will be an acrobat or a lion tamer for the day! These activities will be explored by using our costumes and mirrors to expand our feelings as we express them through our facial expressions and body language. We will learn magic tricks and explore how the world of magic works - we may even learn how to pull a bunny out of our hat! During our Visual Art workshops we will be creating many artistic 3D masterpieces such as our very own juggling balls. We will scaffold and create art projects that use many different mediums of art styles, creating memorable works of art. Our Dance Class will help our little ones with their gross motor skills as they learn to navigate and balance through obstacle courses. We will also try to develop our juggling skills as we prepare for our famous Summer Concert. In Music Class we will sing and play instruments until our hearts are content. Our little ones will be clowning around and laughing with their newfound friends during the entire month of August!

Will my child learn French?

French will be included in all of our morning programs and it will mirror our artistic and imaginative theme based learning. Our French Teacher will also teach your child beginner French conversation skills and an array of colourful and joyous French songs.

During Summer Camp will my child play & learn?

These themes will be explored using play based inquiry learning that will have your child engaged and let them be as creative and imaginative as they can! We will tie in Literacy & Numeracy exploration as our qualified Teachers incorporate play based techniques and structured teaching methods. We will use our words to label the maps for our archaeological digs, make signs to label the Dinosaur habitats, make a list of what Dinosaurs like to eat and even use standard & non standard units of measurement to count how tall the Dinosaurs were! We will write lists of the props we need for our magic tricks, make programs for our Circus show and even explore the Science behind Magic!

Our Qualified Teaching Staff are ready to take your children on an adventure through an amazing Summer out in the great outdoors and inside in the magical world of Little Feet Little Faces. Children leave LFLF Summer Camp feeling confident, full of pride about their creative works and with a developed network of friendships that will last for many years to come.

Will my child go on field trips? Will there be Special Guests visiting the School?

Special Guest Stars:

There will be two scheduled field trips during the Summer months and Parents are always welcome to join in on our LFLF fun! By inviting Parents LFLF feels that this helps create the bond and quicken Summer friendships between our little ones as Parents have an opportunity to meet and greet each other as they may choose to make Summer time plans together. We will have visits from special music and vocal teachers, dance instructors, baby Pilates specialists, creative visual artists, professional acting coaches and famous children’s authors. These special guests expand our children’s minds and bodies and bring to our school amazing talent and wonderful ideas!

Will my child play outdoors?

Our Pre K’s have their own special space to play – our Playground! LFLF’s Outdoor Program is filled with painting, chalk drawing, dancing, outdoor concerts, water play, sand play, as well as outdoor snack time with music filling the air! Our little ones always have a lot of fun building memories with their summer time friends!

Our JK/ SK Class will be going to the Park that is next to the School as often as they can to explore the great outdoors. Reading a book and drawing under a big tree, playing games and running in big open green space is a daily occurrence at the LFLF Summer Camp!

Is there a Summer concert?

Our Summer Camp will finish with a bang! Our Annual Summer Camp Concert will be held in August and will showcase all of the fun that your child has had during their Summer with their friends at LFLF. This is always a favourite highlight of the LFLF Summer Camp!

How do I start the registration process for my child?

If you are ready to enter your child in the creative world of LFLF for Summer Camp, please take the next step and Pre Register using the link below. As your Pre Registration is received you will be contacted to make an appointment for a private tour of our amazing little Summer Camp & School.

So come join us and our special guests during our famous Summer Camp – let your child’s imagination grow as they dance like a hip hop artist, paint their own masterpiece, discover the Piano, perform as if no one is watching and let themselves be as creative or imaginative as they can be!

Call today to book your personal tour, limited spaces available!