This attached picture of our art piece was a multi level project that the children completed over the course of a few weeks. We discussed what mammals we knew that lived in the sea as well as their specific characteristics.

The children decided they wanted to use many mediums to create their pieces. We explored using paint and mixing it with different colours to tint and tone the paint. Once we painted our animals and the background the children then chose how the wanted to create a second level to their painting. Some children chose glitter and some used a variety of collage materials.

The following are the many reasons why we are so different from a regular
“Day Care/ Preschool”! Where children only play all day.

As the children were engaged in this activity they were focusing on:

· Identifying and choosing colours, shapes and textures.

· Demonstrating choice and preference as they decided which colours they wanted

· Focus on the artistic elements of line, shape, colour and texture

· Strengthened their fine motor skills by using a tripod grip on the paintbrush and being able to control it effectively

· Worked collaboratively as a team by using negotiation skills and “turn taking” skills with their peers in the classroom as they shared paint, brushes and discussed ideas

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