Little Feet Little Faces Preschool full-time program provides your little ones with a nutritious lunch as well as 2 nutritious snacks per day. Little ones that attend our part-time program will be provided with a morning snack and may also register for our lunch program. We make sure that our menus comply with the Canada Food Guide and the Ministry Guidelines.

These menus are rotated on a 5 week basis, with two weeks posted in our front foyer and four weeks posted on our blog.  All of our food is prepared Fresh DAILY by our personal Preschool Chef in our “In house kitchen”.

The food used for our menu is purchased according to the season & is PART ORGANIC, REDUCED SUGAR and REDUCED SALT.  We are a nut-free facility, and we do not use a microwave. Additionally, we do not use foods that contain MSG, aspartame, pork, shellfish or margarine.Our food is prepared FRESH DAILY and our juices are made every day with fruits that are emulsified for the optimal, nutritional juicing experience.

Your little ones are always encouraged to try all the foods daily and parents may be surprised at how willing they really are to try new things. This is just another reason why Little Feet Little Faces is the right choice for so many parents. Snack and lunch periods are social times where children can focus on learning how to eat independently, learn about different types of foods and how they taste as well as learn all about their dining room manners and the overall etiquette experience.  Please inform our staff of any food allergies/sensitivities that your child may have as we are always happy to collaborate together with our families to make each little ones eating experience a positive one!

If your child has dietary concerns, allergies or sensitivities, parents are welcome to bring supplementary food products for their children. These food items must be store bought, sealed and labeled PEANUT FREE. Individual snacks from home are not required, however special treats for celebrations and birthdays are always welcomed.            183 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2J2          Tel: 416-923-8882          Fax: 416-923-8802