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This partnership between us and our parents is the foundation building blocks for our future and provides us with the knowledge needed to continue to build a caring, stimulating academic artistic preschool experience for your young gifted artists.

I had the pleasure of being my daughter's primary caregiver until she was a little over 3years old. So you can imagine how concerned I was to find a happy, healthy, fun, and safe environment for her to initiate her first steps into socialising her among other peers her age. Little Feet Little Faces was everything I was looking for and was such a pleasant surprise for both myself and my child. She was always eager to go and always coming home singing or twirling about. For my first encounter with a school establishment, I was quickly comfortable with the program and the teachers. The program was very diverse and included both traditional learning and exposing the children to different forms of dance and music, which was perfect for her personality. I would recommend this school to any parent. It was a wonderful experience that both myself and my daughter will remember for a lifetime.
Thanks for the memories of a lifetime! L. A’s Mommy

Our daughter is a smart, artistic child who loves to dance, paint and perform. We love Little Feet Little Faces! The previous School’s program that our daughter was attending didn’t seem to be making her happy and we were looking for somewhere she would really have the chance to shine... we found that place in Little Feet Little Faces Preschool! I cannot properly describe how much she loves the program at LFLF and how she has thrived. She comes home every day excited to tell us all of the wonderful things she did. She has always been a well-behaved child but she has become an etiquette maven now! She reminds “US” to say please and thank you and to "Calm down, Let’s be friends," if we're a little stressed! She holds "Dance classes" with me in the mornings before we go to school. I honestly cannot imagine a better place for her to spend every day than in this beautiful facility and with incredible teachers like the ones at LFLF!
The school is truly a gift to her and to our family! J. M’s Mommy

We arrived in Toronto a few months ago and wanted to look for a very good summer camp and future preschool for our little prince. Our son was only at the school for 2 months and we loved the experience! The care and attention of his teachers Ms Vanessa and Ms Aneika, were amazing and turned our son's crying to a big smile at the end of the day. We are returning to Brazil with the peace of mind that our son will be happily returning to Little Feet Little Faces in the year 2012.
Thank you! You are great !!!!!!! K. L's Mommy

Thank You so very much, my daughter Katelyn is going to big school this September and we as parents are very excited to send her knowing that she has a strong sense of reading, writing, numbers, alphabet and so much more including proper behavior. She has turned into a confident little girl; we will miss your school dearly.
Regards, Mom & Dad B.

Our dream as parents, was to have myself stay home with our children, when that couldn’t happen and the time came for us to find child care that was not just a “glorified babysitting service” we were so happy to find you, your staff was so caring and willing to work with our children providing them the knowledge that we would of passed on as parents, that we found ourselves at ease.
Thank you for that feeling! Mom & Dad S.

Being creative is not one of my strong suits; however I always wanted my Carrie to follow her own creative path in life. From reading all those articles that say that a child’s most important years of development of creative personality are within the first five, I was very impressed by the programs and schedules at your school. This school is top on my list!
Artistically challenged, Dad P.

When looking for a school, I first searched close to our home. All the schools felt a little unclean, as a mom I continued to search for more of a clean environment, unfortunately I had to go the distance to find your school. Although you were not the closest provider, you are by far the very best! I love the fact that all the children have outside shoes and no one is allowed to go into the school with their outdoor shoes, even the adults! The caring ways with the children is definitely number one, the education is a great second, but what I love is a close third, the cleanliness!
Thank you for keeping it clean! Mommy C.

My son Adam, was so shy and never did very well with change, after attending your new school we saw an incredible change in his communication skills, I am now sure that Adam is secure in himself as a person to start his first day at his “new big school” without his Mommy’s hand close by, although it will be hard on me, I know that this will be an easy transition due to the loving care he has received from your school.
Sincerely, Thank you, Mom K.

Wow! Alleluia! Our Princess, Sarah just wouldn’t eat veggies, fruit, or for that matter anything other than grilled cheese or mac and cheese! We tried everything! When we saw your menu, we kept quiet and waited for Sarah’s teacher to tell us that she was a bad eater! As the first week went by, we asked how she was doing? How she was eating? Her teacher said great, we didn’t believe it. So I came by at lunch the second week and was amazed that our little Princess Sarah had seconds! Thanks to your whole some, European Menu that somehow appeals to children, Sarah is eating much better at home.
Thank you for feeding our Princess, Mama D.