Preparing your child for Success!

At Little Feet Little Faces we think that there is nothing more important than communication between our Parents, Children and Staff. Below you will find the basic information that you will need as a Parent to give you an idea of the essence and the difference of our Preschool.

At Little Feet Little Faces our staff don't just stand back and watch your child play. Our part time programs are structured to give your child the opportunity to follow routines and directions whilst still allowing them to engage in up to an hour and a half of creative free play. Our program will engage your child in 30 minutes of language focused activities as well 30 minutes of exploring mathematical concepts and foundational skills. A 20 minute circle time will reinforce these ideas and focus on common themes such as calendar, days of the week and our names. All of our academic subjects are explored using a variety of teaching methods including focused teaching, manipulative exploration, concrete materials, open ended opportunities and self selection choices. Our artistic subjects reinforce the academic curriculum as well as exploring artistic foundations and skills. Creative free play allows your child the opportunity to engage in socio dramatic play with their peers and focus on the development of social and emotional skills, peer group entry skills, negotiation skills, problem solving skills and many more! Additionally our staff are engaged with your child throughout their creative play experiences acting as role models, mediators and play partners.

At Little Feet Little Faces we believe in respecting our environment and teaching the children to be thoughtful consumers so our newsletters and important bulletins of information will now be available on the Little Feet Little Faces Blog.

It is integral that we teach through actions and modelling so everyday throughout our normal schedule we discuss recycling, reusing and how to keep the Earth clean. The children take their responsibilities and roles in this very seriously.

This log in page will allow us to cut our paper consumption drastically and give immediate access to important information for all parents. After your Child’s enrolment you will receive a “Log In” password that will enable you to view our School in depth through the eyes of your Child on a daily basis.

Feel free to contact us at any time at